Professional Courtesy in an era of politics

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Professional Courtesy in an era of politics

Postby SwordfishMining » Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:13 pm


You dont have opinions around the politically handcuffed or various religions even if it despises yours. In the market in reality, you have to follow the money and where it ends up and what is happening there if you want to be considered ethical. Your actions support your ethics & morals. Jewels have always been considered money and a path to more. Personally, I do not want to participate with a countries merchants that are all required to be agents of the oppressive aggressive government. That being said I've had many customers for opal in wood over the years because opalholism transcends nationality. It is a reminder of the common bond inside of mankind.
Sure you can make money down the road with increased exposure, sales & your version of facts being the base of knowledge & sales. Granted Virgin Valley Black Opal has been treated like Trump by the press and the great lie moved to volcanic opal from all opals by the original targets.
I did sell the supplier for his ID kits a couple ounces of dried tumble polished gem grade American Precious black fire opal, (300 pieces I think it was & it cleaned out that grade I had prepared) but I never heard back a peep of my offer to buy one for the mining district here in Nevada or see a picture of my Virgin Valley material included either. I did not have 300 black, & white & clear in 3 grades each to supply. We are actually rare when you get the good ones, but we dont get enough to feed the industry as designed. Custom only.
But I digress. Here is the Article.

Local opal supplier conducts webinar to more than 7,000 Posted June 12, 2020 | By Arabella Roden • Assistant Editor

A recent international webinar conducted by Cody Opals, in conjunction with the Guild Institute of Gemology ('Guild') in Shenzhen, had more than 7,400 participants. The webinar was hosted through the WeChat social media app and was virtually ‘attended’ by coloured gemstone retailers and wholesalers in China who had undertaken studies with Guild.
"To have a very large captive audience is extraordinary and the value for the Australian opal industry is immeasurable" Damien Cody, director Cody Opal, told Jeweller, “The webinar was a wonderful opportunity to promote the virtues of Australian opal to a largely new audience. The viewers were mostly graduate students of gemmology and the information they received will help them have more confidence when working with Australian opal.”

Ruby Liu, president Guild, said, “The viewers were very interested in grading, treatments, and market conditions. The audience continued to ask hundreds of questions for almost two hours, with some 1,500 people remaining in the chat room.” ... than-7-000

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