ISG Free Mini-Course Program is BACK!

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ISG Free Mini-Course Program is BACK!

Postby PinkDiamond » Thu Sep 03, 2020 5:46 pm

The ISG is extending their offer on the free mini courses. Here's what's available now. :)


ISG Free Mini-Course Program is BACK!

As the Covid-19 situation is extending far longer than any anticipated, we at the International School of Gemology want to continue to support everyone in the gemstone industry with free study assistance for you and your staff. As a result, we are re-opening our FREE Mini-Course Program on our Gemstone Academy website, established to host our mini-course programs. These mini-courses are taken direct from our full ISG gemology program courses. This offer is limited so get busy!

All ISG Mini-Courses are now free. They include:

* Chatham Created Gems
* Diamond Fundamentals
* Introduction to Colored Gemstones
* Introduction to Gemology
* Gemstone Treatments
* Gemological Refractometer
* Gemological Polariscope
* Gemological Microscope
* Gemological Spectroscope
* The Chelsea Filter
* Gemological Dichroscope
* Jewelers Loupe
* Gemological Specific Gravity
* Gemological Immersion Cell

Certificate of Completion

Download and print your Certificate of Completion after each mini-course. This is part of our ongoing support for everyone who loves gemstones from the International School of Gemology. Click the link below to visit the ISG Gemstone Academy and start your free mini-course now!

Create your free registration and then simply choose the free course you would like to take. It is that simple. Click the link below.

International School of Gemology FREE Mini-Courses:

Robert James FGA, GG
President, International School of Gemology

Questions? Contact us today

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Re: ISG Free Mini-Course Program is BACK!

Postby SwordfishMining » Fri Sep 04, 2020 12:39 am

Thanks for sharing. i'll have to check out some more. i kept not getting done or the diplomas afterwards at the beginning of the free tries. Pops always said they cant take away knowledge, so you night as well use the brain God gave you.

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