Lawfare & the real danger to citizens is politics

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Lawfare & the real danger to citizens is politics

Postby SwordfishMining » Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:48 pm

Any first responders or witnesses have to be doxxed & background checked within 15 days of an arrest or the perpetrators walk by Democratic legislation in New York removing Bail or detention for real crimes allowing the criminals to go right back to the witnesses address and murder them. This is the sort of thing allowing semantics to twist laws away from their intent results in a broken society producing broken people into a system broken from curing the problem from the convicts point of view. Bless all the people and lawyers working to keep the courts fair and just at their personal expense usually.
I put a couple links to the New York No bail law resulting crime wave. ... ime-spike/ ... s-vacated/ ... witnesses/ ... ave-lives/
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Re: Lawfare & the real danger to citizens is politics

Postby PinkDiamond » Mon Feb 17, 2020 5:51 pm

Yes, I have been reading about this issue, and can't believe they give perps the names and addresses of people who have witnessed crimes so they can threaten and/or attack them to shut them up and keep them from testifying against them. It's gotten so bad up there that it's embarrassing to admit I was born there, but I can assure you these lunatics who implement such ridiculous laws weren't around then, so things like this didn't happen. :roll:
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