Swordfish Mining in Virgin Valley, NV

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Re: Swordfish Mining in Virgin Valley, NV

Postby SwordfishMining » Thu Aug 26, 2021 7:54 pm

I ill say it was a lot easier to clean & search when you are bringing home a small bucket load & not 4 or 5 and a wash tub more, for the big stuff.
I keep picking up the darling weathered flakes & art quality surface wood that has desert varnish & iron leaching on them. Almost all of them fluoresce a bright orange. Not to mention the float cutters. No point leaving any surface opal around that pointed to where we are digging. faults are not level in this jumble.

American precious limbcast, in a dome 400$.


The Peacock Mine. The Little Pebble is where the cement mixer is and the Northern Lights (fee dig) is behind the hill above the Mine office.

The Bonanza Mine is the big cut to the right. The Virgin Queen shaft went into the hill Im standing on, up above the old Boneyard claim and the Zephyr that goes across at the Bonanza above the layer.
If you want to buy aclaim, do it from the one on the ground, call me. Swordfish Mining

I have no idea what happened to make the convict delete all his Virgin Valley good feelings stuff, and slander on me websites.
I guess ANY advertising worked against him finding buyers for his claim jumped properties I see he still filed papers on those AGAIN.
Glad Ray from the Bonanza is running a FB group so everybody wasnt just dumped by Dominion Gem quitting.

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