Another proof opals & people are sharing an existence

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Another proof opals & people are sharing an existence

Postby SwordfishMining » Wed Oct 13, 2021 6:27 pm

ELECTRICITY raises its pretty brow again to take a bow in making life go round.
A team of biologists from the University of Surrey, the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology, Wake Forest University and the École Centrale de Lyon has discovered that red blood cells generate an electric field voltage that appears outside and not just within, meaning each cell acts as a tiny electrode.

Since the experiments conducted by the prominent Italian physician Luigi Galvani in 1792, it has been known that electricity plays a role in biological function.

Subsequent works by Walther Nernst, David Goldman, Alan Hodgkin and Bernard Katz showed that the ionic imbalance between intracellular and extracellular spaces creates an electrochemical potential which plays a fundamental role in the function of muscle and nerves.

However, until now, this voltage has always been understood to be contained within a biological cell.

Through new experiments with red blood cells, University of Surrey’s Professor Mike Hughes and colleagues found that the voltage appears outside the cell as well.

“This means that cells effectively act as tiny transmitters, electrically changing the environment around them,” they said.

“Similar results in other types of biological cells could play a significant role in determining new types of medical treatment.”

The authors also demonstrated that the electrical characteristics of red blood cells exhibit circadian rhythms, the natural 24-hour cycle followed by most living things, with peaks coinciding with the time of day when most cardiovascular disease events occur, such as heart attacks and strokes, presenting an important area for further research.

“Biology is often reduced to interactions between big molecules, but cell-scale science is an essential area of study,” Professor Hughes said.

“By reintroducing the electrical element, we are looking for — and finding — a whole new way to understand how the body works.”

The findings were published September 30, 2021 in the journal Scientific Reports.
Now this correlates to opal in that it too has electrical influence to make the molecules ionize and alighn into the matrix like it does. No juice, no atomic alignment into its special mineraloid self.

There are new studies on the suns effect on the human body correlating to solar activity with magnetic shielding.
One of the dearest things to my prospecting heart is electrical potentials in geologic time, In the right time, In the right space....
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