Holiday 2020 With Bergdorf Goodman’s Amy Lane

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Holiday 2020 With Bergdorf Goodman’s Amy Lane

Postby PinkDiamond » Tue Dec 01, 2020 7:28 pm

The necklace in the first pic is gorgeous, and the windows are beautiful for the holidays. I'll take you through the windows and let you check out the opal earrings and the rest of the pics via the link. Enjoy! :)

Holiday 2020 With Bergdorf Goodman’s Amy Lane
November 30, 2020 by Amy Elliott


"I can’t be the only former New Yorker who misses the city like crazy right now, especially since the holiday season is in full swing. The Big Apple is a great place to be when you have Diamond District appointments a breath away from the tree at Rockefeller Center, and other reasons to stroll the avenues in midtown.

I personally always look forward to the holiday windows at ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway, and Bergdorf Goodman up on Fifth Avenue. The latter tends to be my favorite, mainly because its vitrines along 57th Street always highlight the most magnificent jewels. (Bonus: Some Van Cleef & Arpels action is right by Bergdorf, too.)

The pandemic has dampened my train travel comfort level, and thus my heart aches for my former home (which may or may not include Bergdorf’s shoe and bag department during a sale).

Fortunately, and to my great delight, Bergdorf jewelry buyer Amy Lane was willing to indulge my request for a couple of snaps of the holiday magic the windows are spinning this year.

“I love the central message of our Fifth Avenue windows,” says Lane. “They celebrate love, harmony, and equality. And around the corner on 57th Street, [window dresser and senior director of visual presentation] David Hoey also created a magical setting for our jewelry windows. This year, he envisioned an elegant crystal cave to reflect our brilliant jewelry.”

Bergdorf Goodman holiday window showcasing a stunning pair of Glenn Spiro cuffs (bottom right). “I am a huge fan of Glenn Spiro’s matched cuff sets,” says jewelry buyer Amy Lane. “I love the simplicity of these, and how the fancy-cut aquamarine, goshenite, and heliodor stones seem to float in the simple yet bold white gold setting.” (Photo courtesy of Amy Lane)

Bergdorf Goodman holiday window showcasing jewels by David Webb and Kimberly McDonald (photo courtesy of Amy Lane)

“I love the juxtaposition of the elegant David Webb various-cut-diamond and emerald necklace and the rock star quality of the boulder opal drop earrings from Kimberly McDonald,” says Lane, in reference to the photo above. “Both are masterpieces of setting and movement!”

You can get a closer look at the earrings, below, and the necklace up top. ... " ... f-goodman/
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