Britt’s Pick: Rainbow Nesting Ring By Eden Presley

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Britt’s Pick: Rainbow Nesting Ring By Eden Presley

Postby PinkDiamond » Wed Aug 18, 2021 6:05 pm

I'm laughing at her having to fight her ingrained urge to be superstitious about opals, so I guess we shouldn't bother to extend an invitation for her to join the forum so she can turn into an opalholic even though that's exactly what she needs to get over her fear of them. :lol:

This ring is gorgeous! And I love the fact that it's in 3 pieces and can be worn in various ways. Check this out. 8-)

Britt’s Pick: Rainbow Nesting Ring By Eden Presley
By Brittany Siminitz | August 17, 2021


"For someone who is very superstitious when it comes to opal, I sure can’t help but be drawn to it. Designers have a way of taking this already magnificent gemstone and making it wholly irresistible, despite my extreme reservations.

The latest to do so is Eden Presley, a New York–based brand founded by designer Gwen Myers. I’m not quite sure what I love most about this piece: the heart-shape opal, the bursting lines of rainbow sapphire surrounding it, or the fact that the ring is actually three rings, to be mixed and matched and worn in a number of different ways that keep it looking so fresh.

Wear the opal heart alone, wear it with only one of the custom-fit nesting rings—on top, it’s like a crown; on the bottom, it’s like a skirt. You could even wear the bookend nesting pieces on their own, letting your skin fill in the negative space at the center. Still, it’s most compelling as a trio, don’t you think?

Eden Presley’s Nesting ring in three pieces

The piece is a new design that debuted at the recent NY Now jewelry show, which wrapped up on Aug. 11. “The Nesting rings were born during COVID, when I did a lot of nesting,” says Myers of her inspiration behind the pieces. “I’ve been loving the idea of pieces that can be worn in a multitude of ways and have been designing several pieces like this recently. Having rings that fit together is a classic ... " ... n-presley/
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