Virgin Valley Opal Videos from Swordfish Mining as ResortDog & Whatatimewaster on youtube

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Virgin Valley Opal Videos from Swordfish Mining as ResortDog & Whatatimewaster on youtube

Postby SwordfishMining » Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:19 pm

Swordfish Mining playlist at Youtube as ResortDog & Whatatimewater
Denio Craft Fair 2020
American Precious Opal Pine Cone
Nevada Opal precious pine cone tip
Virgin Valley unbroken blue opal with ghost
Swordfish Mining bone dry precious white opal
Crystal opal with a "ghost" from Nevada
Rainbow Ridge 2020 Opening day tailings black
Opal Queen Mine in Pogonip
Swordfish Mining Virgin Valley Opals & selling claims
Light through opal
Virgin Valley dried opal cutting rough
Swordfish Mining Opal Specimen
Contra Luz opal specimen w/ moving inclusion: Swordfish Mining Virgin Valley Opal at Rainbow Ridge
Clearing tailings at the Kokopelli Mine in Virgin Valley
Swordfishmining Virgin Valley Opal Black Opal
The B side Swordfish Mining Virgin Valley Opal
Swordfish Mining Virgin Valley Opal
C & Ds 2017 Blue Plume Opal
Quartzsite Pow Wow 2017
Virgin Valley Flagstone Crystal Opal with "ghost"
Virgin Valley Black Opal
Directional White Precious Opal
White opal limbcast
2015 Virgin Valley Nv
Swordfish Opal
Northern Nevada Early Summer Sunset
Nevada Black Opal Rough
We're outta here!
Contra Luz Opal Virgin Valley Pine Cone
Precious Opal Pine Cone
Crystals' Virgin Valley Creations White Opal
Virgin Valley Black
Tops American Opal from Nevada
Tops Virgin Valley Opal gemstone
Virgin Valley Opal specimen
Virgin Valley Black Opal in Wood cast
Wind blown sand
Opal burl from Swordfish Mining
Precious burl opal
Black Opal: American Precious
Swordfish Mining Specimen Opals
Oregon Fire Opal
Virgin Valley precious wood bead
Virgin Valley Opal on Wood with pinfire
Virgin Valley opal flagstone
Virgin Valley Fire Opal
Opalised log cast- with precious mud, face?

WHATATIMEWASTER videos I cant get into anymore
Black opal specimen tops play of color

Black opal limbcast core with plume garden play of color from Swordfish Mining.
Plume play of color in Virgin Valley Black Opal specimen
Antelope mothers
Black Opal: The Nevada State Gemstone.
4-27-2010 Denio Zephyr
Virgin Creek Ranch from the Vya side.
Opal mining; Virgin Valley prospecting
Winter cruising
Virgin Valley Opal Twig

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